About me »

I help people grow personally. The quality of my work stands and falls with my personality - with the way I shape the relationship with the people who get help from me. Find out more about me here.

Locations »

Since 2002 I offer consultations in Zurich and since 2018 also in St-Gallen. On this page you will find the locations. Practice rooms can also be rented at both locations. Here you will find pictures of the rooms.

Fee »

Depending on the setting, the consulting costs also differ. The basic price for a meeting for a coaching or therapy usually costs 150.- CHF.  Depending on the income, we can talk about the level of the fee.

Recommended therapists »

Trust is the most important basis for cooperation with clients in personal development. It is just as important that I do not work alone, but work with other coaches and therapists - whom I can trust. Again and again it happens that I refer clients into a supplementary treatment. Here you will find the list of therapists I work with or recommend.