About me

Healing and creative solutions

I see myself as a travel guide for personal growth. What I enjoy most in my job as a coach, therapist and couple counselor as well as in shamanic work is to look for new ways to find creative and healing solutions. I especially love the phases in which I can watch people take their lives in hand and really shape them anew. If you can say goodbye to the old stories, then a new future will emerge.

Professional activity and experience

Professional activity I am 50% self-employed - as a coach, couple counselor and body psychotherapist in my practice for personality development. I also offer seminars for couples and men - for twelve years. I also work 40% as managing director for AvenirSocial, the professional association of social work Switzerland, Zurich & Schaffhausen region.

Professional experience As a psychotherapist and coach, I worked in psychological youth and family counseling for seven years, in inpatient addiction therapy for three years and as a project manager in psychosocial migration work for five years. During my entire career, I was in direct contact with social work professions.

Close to nature For twelve years I have been working close to nature and more and more shamanically, with natural rituals, dance and the sweat lodge - a work that reconnects with nature, the ancestors and a natural spirituality. People who travel with me say that they feel safe, powerful, cautious and committed to being accompanied. Important resources for me are nature, curiosity, creativity, humor and compassion.

Leadership with a heart When, with my search for visions in 2005, I realized that I would like to accompany people even more in nature and with ritual work, I took over leadership for myself, my vision and my future. By developing and leading the intensive seminars for men for twelve years, I was able to greatly develop my leadership skills. This has meant that I have also taken on professional leadership as a manager - for a cause that is close to my heart. So today I also offer more leadership coaching - leadership with a heart.

Years of dance, years of apprenticeship, years of development

Dance years I am a curious, committed and lively person, I enjoy reading and writing. The water is my element, I swim, paddle and sail a lot. Free dancing is my passion and always leads me back to my center. My first job after graduation was as a dancer. Dance is a great inspiration in all the paths that I have walked in my life: the dance in love, the dance on stage and in life, the dance on the wild water while sailing and canoeing, the dance of great ideas in philosophy and the humanities. The dance of silence in QiGong and meditation.

Years of apprenticeship I studied philosophy and social sciences in Zurich (1985-1990). In Paris I completed a specialization course in social anthropology (1991-1992). In Heiden (AR) I completed my biosynthesis training in body psychotherapy with David and Silvia Boadella (1998-2002). I deepened the body psychotherapeutic approach in IBP (Integrative Body Psychotherapy) and with Will Davis in functional analysis. The further training in trauma therapy (IIP) with Michaela Huber on dissociative trauma-related disorders (2007-2009) was very important to me. They shape my therapeutic work to this day.

Development years The separation from my first partner, from the mother of my two daughters, shook my life. Further training in systemic couple and family counseling (IEF) (2006) and men's initiation have deepened my interest in couple and gender issues. From 2006 to 2008 I did an apprenticeship for initiatic men's work with Stefan-Gasser Kehl. Richard Rohr was an important inspiration. Since then I have been offering seminars for men. In my work, sociology helps me to keep an eye on the social impact of individual life situations. The inspiration from the tantra teacher Parvathi Nanda Nath and the years of teaching with the Sufi teacher David Less (2015-2019) have broadened my spiritual horizons.